Line up the Elfie shots!


It’s one thing to create a new drink in our kitchen at home, but if our enchanting Elfie Drinks are going to be in Pubs, Bars and Supermarkets in 2018;- safe, with a long shelf-life, and incredibly tasty;- then they need to be professionally developed under laboratory conditions.

Image of Elfie shots laboratory samples in development lab

These Elfie shots look like the start of a great night out.
(Luckily they’re 0% alcohol as I have to drive home.)

Elfie home

We’re officially European!

Elfie®  now comes with a European ® .

Just as the politicians are fighting over what Brexit actually means, whether we’re coming or going, and whether its hard or soft… This little British company is now officially European too.

After filling in lots of forms and waiting for months with baited breath, we have confirmation that Elfie® is now a registered European trademark as well as a British one.

– which is nice 😉

Elfie EU Trademark


We’re official !

So just over three months ago, we sent our trademarks into the UK’s Intellectual Property office to be registered, and since then we’ve been waiting with baited breath, hoping that no-one from some far-flung corner of Europe tries to oppose our name.

Elfie Drinks Registered Trademark

Well this week  we got our confirmation.   “Elfie Drinks® ”  and “Elfie® ” are now protected registered trademarks, so they get an ® instead of just a ™ , and more importantly,  no-one else can launch an enchanting little drink called Elfie!

Good News.


Elfie Home