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Elfie® is a new brand of grown-up drinks from the Countryside. Traditional soft drinks with an enchanting twist of Botanical and herbal extracts, for an adult palate.

With flavours like Raspberry, Rhubarb, and Elderberry, our recipes also include some surprising folklore favourites you may not instantly recognise.  As dry and complex as a glass of wine, as refreshing as a cup of tea – we love our Elfie,  and we’re confident you’ll love it too.

G;ass of Elfie Drink on wooden table with Great Taste Award

100% Natural, No Alcohol, No added sugar.

We’ve all been there. That moment when you really fancy a glass of dry wine, or perhaps a beer, but you’re driving, or have to go back to work, or are simply avoiding alcohol at the moment. The choices are usually pretty Desperate,- Full of gas and sugar, or so artificially sweetened that they set your teeth on edge; so you go end up with that old desperation purchase: – “Lime and Soda”.

We wanted to create a natural unsweetened drink which is a bit more complex, a bit more adult, with a long subtle finish that leaves you looking forward to the next.

Healthy Herbs and Folklore Remedies?

The name “Elfie” comes from the use of folklore ingredients.  It didn’t come from the pun with healthy, but at only 45-55 calories a bottle, (- less than half the calories of a glass of wine*),  no alcohol, no fizzy gas, no added sugar and no artificial anything; Elfie is certainly a healthier choice.

Elfie’s recipes come from an innocent time when people roamed the Woodlands, Moors and Meadows of Ancient Britain, and everyone believed in the power of herbs, spices and perhaps a little bit of Elven magic too.

We can’t promise that the botanicals and herbal extracts in Elfie’s recipes will make you live longer; or that the Meadowsweet extract will cure your hangover (apparently it was the original source of aspirin!).  You’ll certainly recognise the taste of some of them, and that’s why we’ve chosen them, but we’re not going to tell you which, so you probably won’t be quite able to put your finger on it.

Even today, magical stories like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones carry a special place in our hearts.  And when you walk in the countryside, it’s easy to catch a fleeting glimpse or scent of Elfie – just out of the corner of your eye, the rustle of leaves,  a breath of fresh air,  perhaps a hint of spice – or is that just your imagination playing tricks on you ?

Do you believe in Elfie?



For more on Elfie~Drinks, or just to follow our progress as we take this leap into the big wide world of grown-up drinks, then please feel free to get in touch:

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email:-            Elfie@elfiedrinks.co.uk

*A standard 175ml glass of wine contains 126kCal. Source= NHS.UK\Livewell

Woodland Elfie

These are the woodlands at Hogspudding Lane.  With carpets of bluebells and wild garlic,  and a meandering stream,  it’s easy to become enchanted. Just keep an eye out, because Nature is watching you too
Image of a woodland face peeping round a tree




Enchanting Elfie, Chilled to Perfection

Best served chilled .

– We didn’t have an ice bucket, so this frozen stream in the Surrey Hills works wonders.

Elfie chilled in frozen stream © C Collis 2018

.. and then we took the empty bottles and lids home to recycle them.

Recycling MATTERS

There’s nothing worse than seeing drinks bottles littering the countryside, floating down streams, or polluting the sea.
We use Glass bottles with Paper Labels and Aluminium caps
They’re 100% recyclable, so please join us to keep our countryside pristine.
As they say:
Take nothing but memories and photos;  leave nothing but footprints.

Line up the Elfie Shots!


Friends of Elfie

About Elfie

Elfie is a range of enchanting drinks from the Countryside

We may be small, but we know what we’re doing, and we have
big plans for the future.

If you’d like to know more about Elfie~Drinks, then please enter your details onto the contact form above…

or get in touch directly:-

email:     elfie@elfiedrinks.co.uk
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We hope you’ll love Elfie as much as we do.







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